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Sustainability and Values drive success of retail brand

An interesting article on how Freshly Cosmetics has made its values and sustainability, a pillar of its business strategy, alongside its on-line sales.

Its messaging, which presumably resonates with its customer base, is part of its success in attracting  clients who are being drawn to  to its products, and its messaging about core values which are positive. 

It is a good example of combining both commercial principles of fashion and treating oneself to products making “buying" ok,  and at the same time allowing customers to feel that the engagement is creating a positive impact or at very least, not contributing to the worsening of environmental waste and keeping to the wider messaging of sustainability. 

Entering the new year, the company has unveiled a fresh motto, "Science works better with love," reaffirming its brand values and founding principles. Thus, Freshly Cosmetics continues to uphold its vision and commitment to the planet and the future, striving to assist individuals in adopting healthier lifestyles while championing sustainable and transparent cosmetics practices that respect the environment.